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condo insurance North Royalton, OHWhen you live in a condo, the association covers some of the building. But you have to insure what most companies call “from studs in.”  That’ means everything from the drywall to your kitchen cabinets, and your appliances and clothes are all part of your own personal condo policy.

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Things to Consider

Condo Policies Should include:

  • Money to rebuild or repair your condo (Dwelling Limits)
  • Money to replace all your “stuff” (Clothes, Appliances, Electronics, Etc.)
  • Money to pay for you to live somewhere else while your home is being repaired

Recommend Options:

  • Money to pay a charge from your condo association if they have a big claim to pay on the building. (“Loss Assessment” Coverage)
  • Endorsement or Extended Limits for Furs, Firearms, Fine Art and other Fancy things.

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