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Renters Insurance North Royalton OhioPeople don’t usually think about it, but… When you rent, you actually have a lot at risk. First, everything in your apartment or house (that means everything that would fall out if we picked of wherever you live and shook it real hard) can be destroy by fire, tornado, or any other disaster and the properties owners insurance won’t pay anything to you. You could be left starting over from scratch. Imagine your neighbor forgetting to turn off the gas and then lighting a candle… it might not even be your fault, but you could still lose everything you own.

On top of that, anytime someone is invited to your rental home, you take on the same sort of liabilities for safety and wellness that a homeowner does. Having protection to pay the legal bills if you get sued is critical.

Plus, most landlords require a tenant to have some sort of coverage in place. AND there are typically huge discounts for bundling renter’s property insurance with you auto coverage.

So, what are you waiting for?!  Bundle up now and save!

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